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“Winning a prestigious Book Excellence Award for children’s fiction is an extreme honor; an award I am very proud of.”

Diane Mae Robinson
Book Excellence Award Winner for Sir Princess Petra’s Mission

“Winning this award gave me a needed boost that will help me pursue new marketing opportunities.”

Leslie Daniels
Book Excellence Award Winner for BOUNDARIES

“This was my first award and I’m excited and pleased. Thanks, BEA!”

Don Douglass
Book Excellence Award Winner for Beyond Cape Horn: The Atlantic Voyages of Le Dauphin Amical


“I was ecstatic when I received the notice that I was a Book Excellence Award winner and I very much appreciate the honor. Many people are now asking where they can purchase my book and I already know the Book Excellence Award seal will be a prominent addition to my promotional efforts.”

Martin Campbell
Book Excellence Award Winner for Receiving The Gift We Give

“I specifically wanted to support this competition as I felt it was a breath of fresh air that someone finally started a Canadian book competition without all of the normal restrictions in that the author, illustrator, and publisher must be Canadian. Notwithstanding that my book, The Reading Promise, has won upwards of 30 national and international awards, this one in particular was/is very important to me. I hope that it continues to grow and establishes itself as one of Canada’s premier writing competitions. Congratulations on your inaugural year, and good luck in the future!”

Troy Kent
Book Excellence Award Winner for The Reading Promise

“I believe that any award for an author is an honor and one that allows me personally to feel some-what recognized for all my hard work. My book is a memoir so it is my own personal story and one that is very painful at times but it is a topic that is not talked abut nearly enough and certainly deserves more recognition. This helps me feel like my work is really worth something and the message I am trying to get out there is being heard, one person at a time.”

Harmony Rose
Book Excellence Award Finalist for Married Under The Influence

“As a self-published author, I do frequent book selling events. The fact that I have been able to add receiving this award to my presentation — both verbally and on my signage — has proven to be a great additional selling point for the book.”

Elda Dawber
Book Excellence Award Finalist for Wait Until I’m Dead!

“As as Award Finalist, Book Excellence Awards has presented me with varied opportunities to market and promote my book. Growing my audience is a slow process, but with Book Excellence Seals and Certificates, I have been able to broaden my reach and validate myself as an award winning author. Thank you Book Excellence!”

Virginia Clark
Book Excellence Award Finalist for A Guide to Puppy Love; Beginner Breeding

“BEA offers authors numerous categories in which to enter their books. The submission process is quick and easy and communication is timely. The promotional opportunities are a nice addition.”

Réanne Hemingway-Douglass
Book Excellence Award Winner for The Sherlburne Escape Line

“I’m thrilled the Surviving the Holidays Without You was recognized as a Book Excellence Award Finalist. Holiday grief is widespread and painful. Holidays surface losses like nothing else can. Thank you to the committee for recognizing the importance of this subject! Being involved in the awards was a wonderful experience. Thank you!”

Gary Roe
Book Excellence Award Finalist for Surviving the Holidays Without You: Navigating Grief During Special Seasons

“This is my keynote book and the heart of all my writings. Thank you for recognizing its powerful uplifting message.”

Charol Messenger
Book Excellence Award Winner for You 2.0: Higher Self Consciousness


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